Sephora Sleeping Mask Collection

Glam Meets Girl

The “impulse buy” section at the Sephora check-out line strikes again! I picked up one of Sephora’s new one-time use facial sheet masks whilst on my trip to Dubai.

Sephora recently launched a collection of single-dose sleeping masks that are easy to apply and perfect for life on the go. There are ten different cute little masks to choose from based on your skin’s condition; all in a grease free gel-base formula that soothes and refreshes the skin!

The Sleeping Mask comes in a tiny disposable pot with a sealed peel-off lid. The little pot has 8ml of product, which is a lot more than needed for one application (unless you are really slathering it on).

What it is formulated to do:
Each of these masks is infused with a different active ingredient for relaxing the skin and achieving a brighter, more revitalized complexion. The luxurious cream-gel texture melts into skin…

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Dancing with the Stars

DWTS is the only thing that has ever made me excited about Mondays. I just started watching it a few seasons ago and I am obsessed! The stories that are told, the family that is created, and the growth you see is heartwarming.

There was a dance last night done by one of my favorite pros Mark Ballas (I fell in love with him when he was partnered with Sadie Robertson) And Alexa PenaVega.

She opened up about her struggle with Bulimia. And the dance they created to portray that struggle was spot on. See for yourself below:

In an interview with People magazine Alexa said this, “You read textbooks and it’s just so, well, textbook. ‘This is how you get over bulimia.’ But it is so much deeper than that,” she continued. “I wish I’d had somebody who could have told me, ‘It’s scary.’ You struggle giving it up. You want to get rid of it but you struggle because, in a strange way, you enjoy it.”

Alexa’s bravery and courage to share her story will touch many lives and help so many people who are going through or have gone through the same struggle.

Too Sheer?

This weekend is full of birthday festivities. Tonight we have a birthday dinner planned for one of our friends. Yesterday after work I went out with a mission to find a casual dinner dress.

Store after store I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I also still have this struggle where I don’t know if I’m supposed to be shopping in the Ladies or the Juniors section. (I think any twenty something can relate)

Towards the end I stumbled upon this really cute sheer black top. I bought it and headed back home. I first called my sister to ask what her thoughts were on sheer black tops with just a black bra underneath. I then texted my best friend {Pearls in Portland} who is more on the conservative side what her opinion was. I even put it on and asked my two guy roommates. All said that it looked great.

What are your thoughts on black sheer tops: Sexy or Skanky?


Parties in the Fall

We have a birthday party for a few of our good friends next weekend and I am currently struggling on trying to figure out what to wear. It will be outside and the weather is supposed to be 85 degrees. Finding clothes for an 85 degree FALL has been challenging. Because if this party was in Oregon- for starters we would be inside and we would all be wearing leggings and sweaters or flannels.

After browsing Pinterest for ideas; I fell in love with the mini skirt




Always Be Kind

October is National Bullying Awareness month and today is National Stop Bullying Day-

A day that means a lot to me. When we first thought of bullying when we were kids we often pictures kids getting shoved into lockers or stealing each others lunches. As we have gotten older and technology has become a prominent part of our lives bullying has become a much larger problem.

In high school I was bullied for a long time. It got to the point where I had to take a break from school because I couldn’t handle it any longer. And after it was all over it effected me for quite sometime. But I am thankful it was me he targeted because I would never want anyone else to go through what I went through. Unfortunately people don’t realize how much their words can hurt someone. I don’t think people understand that words have not only ruined lives, but they’ve taken peoples lives.

My challenge for you all is to take the last part of October, the next two weeks and don’t say anything negative about anyone. Sadly, even just going one day, you will realize how difficult it is.

I am very guilty of speaking before thinking. But this is something that I am trying to work on. I want to be known for loving people, not bringing others down. 


Fall Booties

During the year I basically live in my cowboy boots I got last year. They are so comfy and versatile. But recently Fall has gotten me obsessed with booties.

Since sandals are only for the summer, and its still too warm to wear pants, I’ve found that booties are perfect for the South. You can wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, dresses and shorts.


{Via Sea of Shoes}


{Via Extra Petite}


{Via Sole Society}


{Via Venus Trapped in Mars}


{Heeled Booties via Kristin Cavallari Chinese Laundry}


{Via Nordstrom}


{Via Macys}

Southern Hair

One of my biggest battles when moving to Houston was between my hair and the humidity. The humidity usually won.

It was also a challenge to find a new hair salon. Every girl knows this fear. Lucky for me the first place I went to I fell in LOVE with. It’s called Studio 31 Hair Lab, and its located in the middle(ish) of Houston.

They introduced me to some products that will help keep my hair healthy and win the battle against the humidity.

Dumb BlondeTreatment maskDefrizz

Dumb Blonde Purple Shampoo/Heat Treatment Mask/Straighten Out

{Bed Head TIGI}

These are a miracle worker.


Also I’m currently deciding if I want to chop all my hair off or keep growing it out


{Lauren Conrad Via}



{Jessica Simpson Via}

What do ya’ll think- long or short??

Its PSL Season

I think there is reason fall is most peoples favorite season (besides the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte)

The fresh crisp air, the leaves changing color and lots of cozy sweaters.

pumpkin patch


It sure doesn’t feel like Fall in Texas when it’s still 90 degrees out..

I’ve also found that it’s hard to dress for fall down in the South. I can’t wear my go to sweater, leggings and boots.

satruday apt

Can you believe this is the same time of the year as the top picture?!

Fall in Houston

Who else gets really motivated to work out during the Spring and beginning of Summer, and then come July you start to work out less and indulge more?

Also running in the 100 degree weather was never appealing to me.

But fall in Houston is my favorite time to run at the park.

Buffalo Bayou

My motivation to working out more? Buying new work out clothes.

Nike-Air-Zoom-Pegasus-31-Womens-Running-Shoe-654486_600_A_PREM   TENNIS-BRAND-READ-TANK-703127_043_A_PREMNIKE-GYM-VINTAGE-TANK-CROPPED-642778_010_A_PREM



I indulged a little too much these last couple months, it’s time to get my butt into shape. Thinking of trying the Kayla Itsines program.